Bram Levinson

IMG_3206I want to live a life of adventure. I want to know what it feels like to fall through the sky. I want to travel and see the world and have my soul resonate with the vibrations of the most beautiful geographical locations on this earth. I want to eat food that tastes like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. I want to swim in warm oceans of transparent blue water and let myself float under the sun until I’m waterlogged. I want to laugh until my jaw and my belly ache, and I want to love with a passion that inspires works of art. I want to stand in front of millions of people and wake them up to every single way that we’re exactly alike. I want to walk through forests and smell the richness of nature, and I want to be with friends who interweave their tapestries of life with mine. I want to sleep uninterrupted every night and wake up every morning when it suits my fancy. I want to find ways to express this unstoppable force of love that I find vibrating in my body, and I want to help others find ways to express the exact same force that they embody. I want to live bigger than anyone ever told me I could and I want to die knowing I did it all my way, no compromise, no dumbing down, no doing it so others can be comfortable with it.

I want you to take every “I want” out of that last paragraph and understand what I’m doing with my time.

What do you want?


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  1. Hi Bram,
    Do you have any advice for letting go of someone you truly love but it just didn’t work out? I feel myself stuck in a stage of grief that I just can’t shake.

    1. Hi Tyler,

      I’ve lived it, and I know how grueling it can be. Trust this: it wasn’t meant to be what you hoped it could have been. You have to grieve for what wasn’t meant to be. It’s a process that has its own timeline, but don’t doubt that you will land on your feet and end up exactly where you need to be…and you will find the happiness that you’re scared you’ll never touch again. Just trust that everything is unfolding as its meant to, and allow yourself to breathe and let go of the pain. There is truth waiting for you, you just have to get there.

      I hope that offers some insight…


    2. Tyler – I kept thinking about your question overnight…remember that you’re meant to learn something from every experience you encounter. Ask yourself what this moment is teaching you. Understand that you will bring that lesson forward with you into life, and this experience has occurred as it’s occurred for you to figure this lesson out. With this knowledge, you’ll have everything for the wonderful things that lie ahead for you!

  2. Thank you for your kind words and insight Bram. I really enjoyed your book and am looking forward to taking your class again when I return to the 514.


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