Bram Levinson

Things You Only Know If You’ve Taken A Yoga Class

1) Yoga holds a mirror up to your face and challenges you to identify what you see.
2) Yoga teachers are like politicians – some are professional bullshit artists, and some are genuinely concerned with making a difference.
3) A yoga class separates those who spew quotes around as a means of defining themselves from those who stay quiet but embody the essence of those quotes.
4) Breathing deeply is way more intense than touching your toes.
5) A good class leaves you with the understanding that the teacher hasn’t taught you anything – he or she has simply reminded you of what you already knew.
6) Staying focused on the moment you’re in is the hardest thing you can do.
7) What your mind believes the body braces itself for.
8) No one is better at getting in your way than you are.
9) People love to examine their toes, given the opportunity.
10) Yoga shifts your perception from what your take on life previously has been to what simply is.

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