Bram Levinson

I’m on my way to Croatia. My last class has been taught for the week, my bags are packed and I’m prepared for my flights which will bring me to the Dalmation Coast to kick off my 2012 retreat on Monday. I’m excited and a little anxious to get to the island and get my bearings, but above and beyond all that, I’m grateful. To the people who have supported me and my efforts over the past four years, and to the people who believe in me enough to join me as I globetrot. I lead these retreats to be able to travel, obviously, but I also lead them to bring people to areas of the world they potentially never thought they’d visit, and in doing so, to show them how taking risks, i.e. time away from work, family, and potential income can result in re-discovering one’s own magnificence, as well as the unnameable beauty that each destination holds.

With all that said, for those of you who wanted to join us on our jaunt to Croatia but couldn’t make it happen financially or time-wise, don’t fret. As I depart for this retreat, I’m happy to announce that I have ANOTHER retreat already planned for 2013. You ready? You sitting down? Here we go: we are heading to Istanbul, Turkey from April 11-18, 2013 for a Yoga City Break! Details are already up on my website at, so start planning and reserving time off work now – 2013 is your year to join me as I continue to explore our world – don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of it 🙂

See you next month!


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