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Whistler While I Work Pt.2

WhistlerI’m sitting on the bus that will soon depart for Vancouver International Airport as i make my way back home to Montreal, and I’m literally vibrating from the experiences I’ve had over the last 4 days. The energy coursing through me was so intense last night that I couldn’t fall asleep for hours, and woke up exceptionally early ready to get up, senses alert in anticipation of the events that would close out my stint on the faculty of the Wanderlust Whistler Yoga Festival.

My time here has been densely packed with moments that have woken me to the reality of this cross-section of my life: I have more of an impact on people than I was aware of. I am known by many more people than I was aware of. I am better at what I do than I was aware of. My future is blindingly brighter and bigger than I ever could have imagined.

I have always worked hard in this career, knowing that it was actually less of a job and more of my raison-d’être. I put my blood, sweat, intention, honour, and tears into what I do, and I have always hoped that I would be fortunate enough to reach people on a grand scale. That hope is now being realized.

What have I learned from this incredible, game/life-changing weekend? I’ve learned that my tendency to second-guess myself, which on one hand helps keep me grounded and focused on creating the best space possible for those who need it, also has kept me from seeing the sheer scope and immensity of how effectively I connect with people, and where in the world those people are. I’ve learned that the success that seems to be blossoming from this epicenter of honourable intention embodies endless possibilities lying in wait for me. I’ve learned that my goal of helping people live better lives and heal by shifting their perspectives and focusing on that which serves to unite us is being realized, and that I am already connecting to people on a global scale. I’ve learned that my intention is growing with the possibilities that have suddenly become illuminated to me.

I’ve met incredible people this weekend, people I had previously held in the highest of esteem, and held at a level above where I considered myself to be. These people embraced me during my stay here, reminding me that we’re always level with each other, and that we are all living a communal existence of light-bearing, especially into the darkest of times and places.

My bus is on the move now, so I’ll wrap it up here. I’m coming home a changed man. Galvanized, refocused, and feeling more confident than ever that the road that my dharma continues to lead me on is where I was meant to be, and where my life’s work will continue to unfold. To all of you who are thinking, “I TOLD you so!”, I’m grateful that you’ve given me the time to catch up to what you were already conscious of.

Onwards and upwards 🙂


Whistler While I Work Pt.1

WhistlerI’m sitting on the balcony of the hotel suite that I’ve been put up in for my teaching gig at Wanderlust Whistler, staring at the mountains in front of me. My day has been a long one: a flight from Montreal to Vancouver, a few hours to kill at the airport followed by the bus journey up to Whistler. Almost 12 hours in transit, and despite feeling the fatigue that a journey like today’s brings, I feel so much excitement, which isn’t unusual for me when I travel to places I’ve never been. The complete and utter newness of this experience has my senses heightened, allowing me to soak everything in for the first time. What is somewhat unusual for me is this sense of stillness I’m feeling.

I arrived in Whistler and it was sunny and 25 degrees Celsius. It’s now torrentially raining and it’s gone down to 18 degrees. The wind is cold and blustery, the sheets of water are cascading from the eaves of the roof a metre or two away from me, and I should go inside and put on a sweater. I don’t want to move a muscle. This calm that’s taken over is something I’ve felt before, but it’s been a while…and I don’t want to chase it off by moving.

I felt it for the first time in Mexico in 2010 when I co-led my first yoga retreat with Jennifer Maagendans. I remember floating in the ocean after arriving at our retreat center and feeling this huge epiphany wash over me: I was at work. Floating in the ocean, with the sun beaming down on me, I was at work. I had never felt so happy. I had never felt so much satisfaction before, because it was the first time I was reaping the benefits of having given up my last career to dedicate myself to a life steeped in yoga.

It happened again with even more intensity in Santorini, when I led my first solo retreat. Our group was 17 people, and we were on a boat tour of the caldera, and I felt pure and total connection. I felt completely out of my body, formless, crazy emotional, and grateful for being alive like I had never been before. I’m feeling it again now.

The thunder rumbling overhead, the mountains rising majestically before me, the sound of the raindrops landing heavily on the roof above me…all of it is grounding me here after my day of travel. Once again, my life in yoga has brought me somewhere I never thought I’d be, and once again, I’m vibrating with the humility and gratitude that this life seems to continually bring me back to. I love my life. I love my “work”. I love knowing that even if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t change a thing. I feel like I have already won the lottery.