Bram Levinson

A Prince Among Men

I’ve just returned from the candlelight vigil on Mont-Royal to observe the passing of NDP leader Jack Layton.. I wasn’t planning on going. I literally found myself turning off the lights in my home, locking the door and walking the few blocks to the meeting spot. And I stood there and observed. I allowed all the emotion swirling around the people gathered there to wash through me, and I allowed my sadness at his passing to mingle with it and recirculate through the crowd. I stood there alone, and then, like it had been previously rehearsed, two people standing directly on either side of me turned around, put their arms around me, and I found myself in the company of Kay & Yvan, students from Luna yoga, but more importantly, friends of mine. And we stood there taking it all in, understanding the significance of the moment and the magnitude of the energy resulting from the passing of this great man.