Bram Levinson

Raise Your Glass If You Are Wrong (In All The Right Ways)

Back to today’s class. I’ve decided that the way I can make a difference, and the way I’d like to think that I do, is through my blog and my classes. And so today’s class is dedicated to all those who have felt or have been made to feel like outcasts. The freaks, the losers, the geeks, the undesirables. I always felt like I was on the fringe, and I gravitated towards others who felt similarly. And understand this – without these people, the ones who strive to feel like they belong somewhere but whose left brains and society continue to convince them that there is no such place, we would have no art. We would have no literature. We would have no cinema. We would have no technology. We would have no beauty. These are the people whose desires to see truth and convey it, to push boundaries of what is deemed “acceptable” and “palatable”, make our world a better place.