Bram Levinson

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The coaching/mentoring program is designed to guide students through life experiences that range from mildly challenging to seemingly insurmountable. Bram will meet with students to discuss whatever issues or obstacles are present, and will offer whatever insight possible, drawing on Bram’s studies in spirituality, psychology as well as his own life experiences. No topics are off-limits, and if Bram feels that the student needs guidance that he is not qualified to offer, he will refer the student on to a specialist in the desired field. All conversations are confidential and solely kept between Bram and the student.

To date Bram has guided students through the challenges of anxiety, eating disorders, marital issues, career changes, goal-setting, as well as overcoming fear related to getting married, having children, setting boundaries with loved ones and getting past the trappings of grief, addiction and negative thought/behavioural patterns.

The Coaching/Mentoring Program follows the following guidelines:

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