Bram Levinson

You know what keeps on popping up in my mentoring sessions and in my own personal development? Clinging to what we hoped could have been, to what we planned for, to what we dreamed might actually push the boundary of what we believed possible into the realm of the sublime.

The outcomes of these spirit-crushing moments? Disappointment, crashing back down to earth, self-flagellation for even daring to dream, for even daring to hope that we could soar that high.

The lesson to be learned? Keep going. Keep moving forward. Stand up taller. Breathe deeper. Grieve for what could have been but what wasn’t meant to be. And then MOVE ON. Keep dreaming. Keep visualizing. Never take no for an answer. Stop clinging and take stock of what is. What is will change, and with determination and steadfastness it will prove to be more of everything that your wildest dreams.

Don’t EVER give up.


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