Bram Levinson

NOH8To the white people burning down black churches, to the people refusing to serve, marry or acknowledge gay people, to men hating women and women hating women and women hating men and men hating men, to anyone who hates because they’re too afraid to simply accept what is: grow up. You think you’re going to be exercising your hate in a natural disaster when typically everyone comes together and you’re just trying to survive? You think you’re going to stop to ask someone what their sexual orientation is when your country is under attack and you need to find shelter? You think that you’re going to stop to judge someone’s skin color before reaching out to that hand sticking out from the rubble after a terrorist attack? Exactly. It won’t even cross your mind because you’ll be going on auto-pilot and auto-pilot doesn’t hate.

Keep your fear-based opinions to yourselves and grow up. We have had enough of hate and division and you’re only making it worse. After all is said and done, you will end up needing that person you’re hating on. You’ll see. Start planting the seeds of peace now.

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