Bram Levinson

A good friend’s father passed away today.

We know that death is a part of life, and those of us who delve into and study spirituality and the faith/belief systems that provide insight into them know death to be a transition as opposed to an ending. But that knowledge does little to alleviate the human experience of grief, of despair, of suffering and of loss. These are biological, mental and somatic experiences that spare no one, much like death itself.

Knowing that suffering lies in wait for all of us gives us the ultimate of choices to make within and for our lifetime. That choice is whether or not we will, intentionally and with total clarity, focus on the positive over the negative, the life-affirming over the faith-depleting, the elevating over the depressing, the ease-inducing over the dis-ease-inducing. Choosing one over the other does not spare anyone from emerging unscathed from this all-encompassing journey we find ourselves on, but it does dictate the quality of our experience of life, and it does determine our core beliefs about ourselves, the world we live in/on, and how we connect to it and each other.

I feel and learn from the poignancy of this life multiple times every day.  The ephemerality and meaningfulness of it all is the spark that motivates me into the world. At times it gets me down, lower than I could ever express in words. At others it propels me to do, teach, help, speak and write even louder and more emphatically than I ever thought I could. But at the end of it all, I choose to live and feel all the feels, all the moments, all the love, all the tears, all the heartache, all the joy and all the sublimity. This is the choice I’ve made, the choice that we will all have to make.

“Despite knowing the journey and where it leads, I embrace it and welcome every moment.” – Arrival

What do you choose?

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  1. Devotion without Desires is what I’ve choosen (or vice versa) my dear Bram!Life is a local force excitation condition not the cosmic- an experience that abides one within himself-and sense his around-surround that fulfill his volition of soul! Sun does his things without asking us anything, there are higher reasons which do not ask permission it happens- I surrender is what I gather-hear from your writing/teaching/speaking!

    one way or other we are here to EXPRESS that POETRY of unconditional love which sung-sing through our heart, it does not requires title-justification or anything it just happens! I am that clown who have his own freak show where I am the audience-performer-and beyond. Rest passes by me.

    Kind Regards.

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