Bram Levinson

When, as a teenager, I would complain about something to my mom, she would bring attention to the frivolity of my moaning by asking me, “Have you lived? Have you loved? Have you suffered?” 

When I saw this mural today in Barcelona, I immediately recognized the heart that continues to beat with love even after it’s been stamped on, pierced, shattered and patched up. This is what a heart that has lived, loved and suffered looks like, and it resonates with me.

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  1. It resonates with me so much, so deeply !
    In Chinese medecine they say that all ailments or diseases which are symptoms of clogged blocked meridians, all stems from the heart, the emotions.
    I believe that only with love for oneself and with anyone or anything can also produce healing.
    What a great image reminder of exactly that.
    Let us ask the question every morning, ” is my heart open to joy and love and understanding ?” And at night, “do I need to correct any lack of love from my part before I fall asleep ?”
    Thank you for sharing Bram
    I admire your work that always triggers thought and examination in my daily life. It reminds me to stay connected to consciouness.
    Love Micheline

  2. hi Bram
    Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal
    A laceration needs to be cleaned and bandaged and left alone to heal , a fracture needs to be set straight and cast and left alone to heal. Our hearts are much the same ,we need to clean them of debri carefully and realign them carefully with knowledge and loving care into a state where they can heal. And left alone to heal. As in the mural maybe for a time they need to be held together so that they don’t break and fall apart. But much like other body parts in time they need to shed the cast of support and start to exercise ,,they need to slowly gain strength and open and love again

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