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The illusion is that we are separate.
The illusion is that we are alone.
The illusion is that we are powerless.
The illusion is that we are the physical bodies we see reflected back to us.
The illusion is that our things define our worth.
The illusion is that we can’t.
The illusion is that we shouldn’t.
The illusion is that we don’t deserve.
The illusion is that everything we can see, smell, taste, hear and touch is all the exists.
The illusion is that there’s no illusion.

The illusion is fear. Pure and simple.

Our work in this life is to recognize the many facets and appearances of the illusion, to call it out when it insidiously gets the better of us so that we can see past the illusion to the meaning, the symbolism, the connection swirling below all that trickery. We will be tested repeatedly until we can see past what triggers the selfishness of the ego to the lessons begging to be learned. That is when and where true freedom begins. Past the constraints, the insecurities, the second-guessing and the fear.

Look past the obvious until you can see exactly why you are presented with the lessons you’re presented with. Keep doing it, especially when you get pushed to extremes.

The illusion will set you free once you can identify it as illusion.