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2018 Higher Learning Weekend

For the second year, I am bringing the Higher Learning weekend of education back to Montreal! What fundamental aspects of the human experience are we not taught in school? How well are we set up for the inevitable moments of suffering that a human existence has in store for each and every one of us ? What conditioning does our culture endorse and depend on to keep us stuck in what keeps us silent, stationary and skeptical? Where are we getting the skills we need to respond wisely to the more difficult and challenging moments we all face?

Traditional channels of education set us up to be economically accountable and productive members of society, but don’t give us the survival techniques necessary to prioritize our own sense of peace and well-being when tensions land and everything goes wrong. Drawing on elements from Hindu & Buddhist teachings, psychotherapeutic tools, meditation techniques and spiritual teachings, this weekend will be about providing tools and coping strategies for navigating the ups and downs of this winding human journey.

Join me Saturday & Sunday, January 13 & 14, 2018 for the second annual Higher Learning Weekend of Education. Space is limited to 15 places per workshop and students can choose to attend the entire weekend or choose specific modules à la carte. The subject matter is appropriate and relevant for people of all ages, so children bring your parents and parents bring your children. This will be an event for anyone with the desire to LIVE this life to its maximum potential. The Higher Learning program is an opportunity to focus on the skill sets that have the potential to influence and inform the rest of your life.

All levels of student welcome, no prior study or knowledge of Hinduism or scriptures necessary.

Contact me at for more info or choose your payment option below.

Sat, January 13
9:30am-12:00pm – The Power Of IntentionBuy Now Button

To kick off the weekend, we will look at the role of intention in our lives and break down the energetic mechanics of intention. We will explore the concepts of dharma, The Hero’s Journey as extrapolated by Joseph Campbell, Mindfulness, Perspective, as well as concepts drawn from Yogic & Hindu scriptures.

1:30pm-4:30pm – The Power of Being/AwarenessBuy Now Button

We will look at how fear plays a role in motivating thought and behaviour, the contrast between the human experience vs the spiritual experience, the role of intuition in our lives and we will examine spiritual energy through the lenses of Hindu scriptures and texts. The spiritual understanding of Self will be examined theoretically, followed by an iRest Yoga Nidra meditation to approach it experientially.

Sunday, January 14
9:30am-12:00pm – The Power of ThoughtBuy Now Button

We will discuss the aspects of the human experience that we often get stuck in, and how to get unstuck from them. We will discuss the tension of opposites, identify what some common opposites are that we tend to experience, we will do a great meditation observing the sensations in the body associated to the opposites and how they lead to the emotions that motivate our behaviours, we will discuss the chakras, go over sutras from the Ashtanga Sutras that offer us insight into how to work with the opposites, discuss cognitive behavioural theory and discuss examples of how this can help us change our thought patterns. We will also explore techniques from Mindulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

1:30pm-4:30pm – The Power of TimeBuy Now Button

We will recap the weekend, do an eye-opening meditation together that will further demonstrate how the spiritual/energetic experience is at work at the same time as the literal, human experience, we will discuss philosophies related to time and examine how to spend it mindfully, explore our relationships with time, discuss how universal laws affect our experience of life and how by remembering them we can use our time more wisely, we will discuss death and watch an interview with my teacher Joan Ruvinsky. We will finish off with an iRest Yoga Nidra meditation.

$250+taxes ($287.44) full weekend – Buy Now Button

$70+taxes ($80.48) – individual module à la carte, see Paypal buttons above

Equilibrium Yoga
4812 Boul St-Laurent, suite 101 (corner Villeneuve)
*do not contact the studio for information, contact Bram directly*


We’re Still Here – One Night Only with Bram Levinson at the Rialto Theatre

I am beyond excited to finally announce that I will be doing my own show/speaking engagement at the historic Rialto Theatre in Montreal! After years of lecturing in yoga studios, convention centers and festivals, I’m proud to bring what I do to the theatre, especially one that has played a part in my life and is a Montreal landmark and institution.

Event description:

For one night only, Montreal-based author and teacher Bram Levinson is taking his wisdom, irreverence and humour to the stage. Join him for an evening of insight, laughter and exploration into life, family, love and what it means to be spiritually awake in today’s world. Brandishing his usual refreshing, deeply personal, edgy approach and sense of humour, stories will be told, wisdom will be shared through his experiences and perspective, and inspiration will be what’s left after everything is said and done. Don’t miss this one night with Bram at the historical Rialto Theatre!

Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Doors Open: 19h/7pm
Show Time: 19h30/7:30pm

Box Office/Tickets: $40+taxes, available through Eventbrite:

Special thanks to Mandy’s, the sole sponsor for this event!

Photos courtesy of John Dabarno Photography,