Why would you doubt your worth?

Why would you pretend to be someone else?

Why would you settle for mediocrity?

Why would you waste this precious time by doing what you’d prefer not to?

Why would you do what everyone else is doing?

Why wouldn’t you ask for help when you need it?

Why wouldn’t you reach for your dreams and wildest ambitions?

Why wouldn’t you assume that it will all work out?

Why wouldn’t you passionately respect yourself?

Why wouldn’t you finally just do it, your way, on your terms?

5 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. I always say why choose? Do it all, you can have it all! And if you choose get the best because you are the best! xxx

  2. Thank you for this… the one that stuck out for me is, “Why settle for mediocrity?” That’s a tough one for me, because I have neurological issues which force me (although not in a painful way, that’s the rub) to rest and defocus frequently, only to then have to spend a bit of time refocusing on what I was doing before continuing what I was doing. My solution is to find a midpoint and just flow…. but thank you, I need always to contemplate if I’m ready to push myself a bit harder, because a slow healing is happening in my case.

    David Low

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